Our Story


Once upon a time.... Ok, Ok, How The Robinson's obtained The Merry Peddler isn't quite a story like that BUT it is a story for the ages! Before we can get to the good stuff first we have to start from the beginning...

Chris - Born & raised in Casper, Wyoming. Shalayla - Born in Cheyenne, Wyoming & raised in Salt Lake City, Utah; found their connection early on in their stages of life. In 2008 they were both employed at Dairy Queen and when they met it wasn't love at first sight however, it didn't take long to get there...

Fastward to 2023 Chris & Shalayla have been together for a total of 15 years with 4 kids ranging from 11 to 5 years in age! It wasn't until 2019 that Chris found the desire to build something great for his family and make it on his own without the reliance of an employer. Taking that risk he started his own printing business at first he just did it on the side while working as a mechanic, you know the good ol' extra income for the family!

When Covid hit in 2020 he learned that the dealership he was working for saw him only as another number and not a man with a family. This is when he took the biggest risk of his life, during the worst time possible he left his mechanic job behind and decided to grow his printing business. Making it a whole year wihtout "traditional" employment, he began increasing Robinson Printing by reaching out to more local businesses.

Here's the best part.... When he called The Merry Peddler to see if they could benefit from his services they told him no, then he called The Wolcott Galleria; not knowing at the time they were both owned by the same people. When speaking to them yet again only under a different business (Wolcott Galleria), The previous owners were inspired by this young mans hustle to do whatever it takes to make something great. They dropped a huge bomb on them by offering them The Merry Peddler.

What a story right?

The Robinson's purchased The Merry Peddler November 1st of 2021. Since the purchase they have made many changes to the store that so many of you know and love. They have introduced an actual loyalty rewards program and plan to expand on that even more. With helpful children of their own they have increased the Kids In The Kitchen section and have no plans stopping there. Put together and attended events for the community such as the Farmers Market, Fair & Rodeo and Lemonade Day were they hosted a 'Best Lemonade' challange to Casper's young entreprenuers. Handing out roughly $800 in cash prizes to the children! With a new location change their plans of improvements are far from over they've already implemented a local delivery system and online store! Currently they are working diligently to provide the community with cooking courses for Adults, Young Adults, and Kids. If you'd like to know more please don't hesitate to come on in and ask!


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The Robinson Family

Meet The Robinson's


Chris is a Father of 4, a College Graduate and inspiring entreprenuer.

Shalayla is a Mother of 4, highly active inside of her community through Hope Outreach and inspirig entreprenuer along side her husband Chris.

Their 4 Children in order from oldest to youngest are Cj, Lailani, Nathaiya & Elizabeth Robinson. They hope to leave their children with an "empire"; all while teaching them how to properly care for their community!