Frequently Asked Questions


We will continue to grow this section as more questions are frequently asked...

Answer: Yes we do make special orders! Although, we are hardly ever able to order just one item. Because of this you may also be required to pay for the item upfront with shipping fees included. However, If it is an item we typically carry we will make sure to add that item to our next order and you will not be required to pay up front or for shipping!
Answer: We are no longer at the Wolcott Galleria, we found it important to find a location with win/wins for both you & ourselves!
Answer:Yes we do ship items inside & outside of Wyoming. We also offer local delivery; direct or through 3rd party delivery services like 'Lickety Split' to customers in our immediate area.
Answer:Yes we do except checks (in-store only). We use TeleCheck services, were your check is essensially read like a debit transaction to verify funds are immediately available. However, in the case that the check does bounce we aquire a $30 fee for all returned checks!
Answer: We have not quite gotten to the point of providing cooking courses to the community just yet. In time we plan on offering cooking lessons specific but not limited to; Adults, Young Adults, Kids 5+ as well as specialty cooking courses and date night options!